Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear


AD to be released VERY shortly... as in... pretty much now...

Posted by JanusForbeare on June 28, 2012 at 5:10 PM

You read correctly, ladies and germs! The alpha release of Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear is coming soon to a Skyrim Nexus near you!

I may have thrown around the word "soon" a little more than I should have in the past, so let me put it another way: the mod is already archived and uploaded to the Nexus (though we need to make a few last-minute decisions before we release it to the public). Are you excited? 'Cause I'm excited!

After the alpha release, we'll be focusing on putting together a cosmetic update that will include Atvir-specific weapons, armor, and skins (some elements of which we've shown here on the site) as well as additional dialogue polishing. We'll also be re-organizing ourselves to tackle the monumental task of putting together content updates, which will include extended questlines, and variable companionship dialogue dependent on the player's race and background.

If you're a modder who has released custom dungeons or similar modifications for TES games in the past, then we want you! Contact JanusForbeare through this site or the Nexus and we'll see about bringing you on board.

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