Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear

    A fully-voiced companion mod for Bethesda Softworks' Skyrim

“What do you think, fetcher? You think the baby-eaters would ever allow a son of Dres to return to his people? No, my name is known to those in power. Should I cross that border today, I forfeit my life. When I return, it will be at the head of a merciless host that will cleanse Morrowind with fire and sword! (sigh) Until that day comes, I will continue to be a native exile.”
-Atvir Dres
4E 201 
Welcome to the official development site for "Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear", a fully-voiced, multi-pathed companion modification for Bethesda's Skyrim. Inspired by the immense success and popularity of legendary "Companion Vilja" modification for Oblivion, I set out on the ambitious task of creating an equally immersive experience in the game's sequel. Along the way, I've put together a talented development team to assist me in making this dream a reality.
 "Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear" is the tale of the last known son of House Dres, one of the five Great Houses that once ruled Morrowind. Though their homeland has long been in the scaly hands of the Argonians, the once-feared Dunmer houses have not forgotten their heritage. Atvir was raised on stories of Dunmer martyrdom and Argonian butchery, and has preserved the conservative traditions of his house. This includes the veneration of the Daedra (particularly Boethiah, in Atvir's case), a deep cultural bias against most other races, and a tendency to operate through deceit and trickery. A life of poverty and exile has embittered him, as it has many Dunmer, and he has taken to resorting to less-than-legal means to ensure his survival on the streets of Windhelm.
This modification greatly expands upon Skyrim's "vanilla" companionship system in a number of significant ways. Amongst the features planned for the final release are:
-A "rival" mode that can be activated if Atvir's disposition drops low enough. This event, which can be triggered through dialogue or in-game interactions at any time, creates an entirely new subplot, wherein Atvir turns on you and disappears, only to begin persistently working to thwart you in dozens of randomized, scripted events. Though the exact methods used in Atvir's revenge will vary with each playthrough, you will be guaranteed two opportunities to win back your former comrade - or, he can be gutted like the treacherous dog he is.
-A greatly expanded "romance" subplot, with depth and emotional involvement that go well beyond simple game mechanics. The romance plotline will not stop at marriage or consummation, as in all too many games today, but will continue to produce randomly scripted events well into married life.
 -Different dialogue options, quests, and subplots depending on the player's race and background. This is established during Atvir's introductory dialogue, and can have significant effects on the overall plot development. For instance, Atvir will never be comfortable travelling with an Argonian "baby-eater", but will go to great lengths to accommodate a long-lost cousin from House Dres.
-Thousands of lines of fully-voiced dialogue. Voiced and recorded on industry-standard equipment by a television professional, Atvir will breathe new life into your gameplay with his endless stream of observations, obscenities, and general banter.
-New "thieves' tools", including portable bear-traps, smoke bombs, and flash powder. Both Atvir and the player will be able to make use of some or all of these.
-Party dynamics/interactions with vanilla companions and other popular companion mods. It is my hope to have conversations, arguments, brawls, and one-night stands occur between party members, for those players who have modified their game to allow more than one companion.
-Radiant, location-based, and quest-based events and commentary. Travelling with Atvir will never be boring. Whether he's starting a brawl with the Argonian that just insulted you, or sneaking off to rob the Jarl blind during an official visit to Dragonsreach, you can be guaranteed a wide array of new events to enhance your Skyrim experience.
-And many, many more! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's planned for AD. We're always looking for talented volunteers to join our development team (especially at this early stage), so be sure to check out the "News" section of this website and the wonderful Skyrim Nexus ( for opportunities as they open up!
See you in the game, fetchers! 
What our players have to say about AD:
"Without question and beyond the shadow of a doubt the most immersive and amazing follower I have ever had. This character adds an unparalleled level of hilarity and enjoyment to this game."