Atvir Dres: The Last Prince of Tear


hopventure joins the AD dev team!

Posted by JanusForbeare on January 18, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Yesterday afternoon, hopventure of the Skyrim Nexus volunteered his talents as a 3D designer for Atvir's unique style of clothing and weaponry. As a professional graphic designer with an impressive portfolio and a passion for the work, he's certain to benefit this project in a BIG way. Let's hear it for hopventure! :D

As the Creation Kit's release date creeps ever nearer (finger crossed here), we'll be looking for skilled programmers to assist in scripting some of the new companionship features and quests included in this mod. If you have experience in CS/CK/GECK scripting and would like to make your mark on Tamriel by joining our team, use the "Contact Me" tab at the left of the screen or message JanusForbeare at the Skyrim Nexus!

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