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Talking with Emma, author and voice actress for "Companion Vilja"

Posted by JanusForbeare on January 31, 2012 at 5:05 PM

This afternoon I received a message from Emma, the renowned author of the legendary Oblivion mod "Companion Vilja" (which, of course, was the inspiration for "Atvir Dres"). Though she's in the middle of beta testing the CK, she generously took some time out of her busy schedule to share some advice with me regarding companion modifications. A brief quote from her message follows:

"Think through which one of these you want to make: a quest with a companion, or a companion with a quest. If the latter is your choice, avoid making permanent changes to Skyrim, like burning inns in Weye (which is what always keeps me from including Ruin in my game). If the quest is the most important, concentrate on that, and don't worry about changing Skyrim."

This comment related to making the modification as widely applicable and desirable as possible, and was a point well-taken by our design team. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been able to benefit from the experience of such a successful modder and visionary, and her input is sure to be of great help to the project. Three cheers for Emma!

And to all you companion-collectors out there in mod-town, keep an eye on this lady, because she's heavily involved in the Skyrim modding community - and everything she touches turns to gold. 8)

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